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Nov 8, 2019
I want to bring you some information:

1) The topics that are solved by the opinion of the administration are closed and a certain prefix is given to the topic.

2.) There is no need to offer the same proposals twice.

3) One suggestion is one topic, the topic is some kind like a "task" for us. We cannot work when there are several additional different proposals on the topic. Please, try to divide as much as possible to the atomic task for us.

4) The ideal proposal should be clearly formulated and reasoned from the point of view of "if you were a project administrator, you would do <bla bla> because:".

5) A good bug report is when a screenshot of the problem is shown and the problem is clearly described and how to reproduce it by an administrator, or how to contact you and you will explain and show it in the real game.

6.) If you have found a problem and personally want to talk to the administration about it, you are welcome to our private support tickets.

7.) Discord it's not a community where we will focus for support. We still ancient old farts who manage the problems in the old classic way. Yes, we can try to chat with you in Discord in real-time, but at the same time, we can simply forget about the problem.

8.) Sometimes, can happen cases when very important attention to a very important problem/suggestion not spent by the administrators in an acceptable time frame. Please try to bump the problem and explain why we should prioritize the problem over the others. We're all humans, and please respect each other.
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