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Nov 8, 2019

Ragnarok.WTF: Donation Guide and Policy

We need voluntary donations from players to continually develop and improve the quality of the server and keep players online in the game.
Server development, not a free thing. This is a very hard development workflow that requires a lot of effort and time, money, investments.
Without players voluntary donations impossible to keep the server from a long perspective. That why we accept donations from players.

Donation Rules:
  1. All donations are voluntary.
  2. All donations and benefits of donations are non-refundable. Opening a PayPal dispute will result in a block of your accounts.
  3. All information provided in our service will be kept confidential.
  4. Making a donation does not exempt you from abiding by the server rules. By donating you agree to the above policy.

We accept donations through the following payment systems:
  • PayPal (your currency will be converted into US dollars are automatically.)
  • *Yandex Money / Qiwi (manual payment for CIS countries) (manually) (later we will add automatical system)
  • *Bitcoin / Etherium /Other cryptos (manually) (later we will add automatical system)
*manually - that means that we process donations thought these methods manually (you contact us, making a donation, we set credits to your account). For details please go to our Discord and pm to Quite#8135

After some time we will add automatic systems to avoid manual processing donations.

We provide an additional discount when paying crypto for donation packages from 50 USD and higher

How to make Donation:

  1. Open and login into Donation Page
  2. Select a package what do you prefer
  3. Make transaction
  4. Credits will be added to your account automatically after payment.
  5. If not -> login, or contact administrator.
Other methods (manual)
  1. Contact to Quite#8135 in Discord and ask for a donation (yandex money, qiwi, crypto)
  2. Everything else we will process shortly with you directly.
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