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  1. woerogm

    Service Maintenance

    Greetings! We have applied several changes to the game server and fixed several reported earlier problems.
  2. woerogm

    8 March

    Congratulations! Have the best 8 March holiday.
  3. woerogm

    08 Feb 2020 - Planned Maintenance and Update

    Hi guys, on 08 February 2020 we plan to apply the update to the wtfRO. The server will restart, new features coming to the server =)
  4. woerogm

    19 January 2020 - Update

    Hi guys, this is a technical update. Focused on players' feedback and reports, suggestions from the forum and discord. There is no new content yet, the new big update we plan to release on Thursday 23. In this update we fixed rates, we fixed item bonuses for items, fixed some bugs reported...
  5. woerogm

    Planned Maintenance

    19 January, we plan to release the update. Server maintenance for around 1 hour. We will notify you when the event will begin.
  6. woerogm

    Happy New Year, Rats! :3 (update)

    Happy New Year, and Holidays, rats 🐀! I was sick for several days + there were delays from the 3rd party people/organizations which results in delays in this update. Anyway, everything promised - implemented in this update. Before we start! In honor of the New Year holidays, we launched New...
  7. woerogm

    Information about the first update.

    Hi guys, thank you very much for your feedback, and reports. We listen to you! And after some time we will release the update (a few days). Right now we have a private discussion with guild leaders about the future WoE on the server, and we plan to find good solutions before the first update to...
  8. woerogm

    wtfRO Offic

    Welcome to the wtfRO server! I tried to do everything possible that you would enjoy the game on the project wtfRO. If you encounter any difficulties-please write to me in PM. Alternatively, you can use the forum (support tickets (if you want)). Please follow the rules of the project, and...
  9. woerogm

    Readme before posting

    I want to bring you some information: 1) The topics that are solved by the opinion of the administration are closed and a certain prefix is given to the topic. 2.) There is no need to offer the same proposals twice. 3) One suggestion is one topic, the topic is some kind like a "task" for us...
  10. woerogm

    Donation Guide

    Ragnarok.WTF: Donation Guide and Policy We need voluntary donations from players to continually develop and improve the quality of the server and keep players online in the game. Server development, not a free thing. This is a very hard development workflow that requires a lot of effort and...
  11. woerogm

    Information about the wtfRO

    Welcome to wtfRO! Opening Date: 21 December 2019 Basic Information: Episode: 13.3 (13.2 + Brasilis) Max Level/Job: 99/70 (pre-renewal mechanic) Rates: 100x (base/job); 50x (items & quests); 10x MVP equipment; 0.5% normal cards; 0.01% MVP cards; Server location: Europe (with good latency...
  12. woerogm

    Official Opening Date

    We plan to open the wtfRO project on 21 December 2019 Time: 16:00 (London time) P.S. Everyone who will join in the first week of the server opening will automatically receive some kind of good freebies.