The Crazy Pre-RE project from WOERO

Darling, if you have a sense of humor and looking for a fresh balanced nostalgic 13.3ep server with a lot of
Battlegrounds, WoE, PVP, MVP, PVE, Quests, developed by professionals from WOERO - you know you'll be satisfied.

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Why wtfRO?

We will give you an unforgettable experience and entertainment on this project,
where everything is balanced, and developed with love for players.

Crazy Activities

Large amount of quests, missions, achievements. Regular Automated Events, entertainment systems, and more. Ideal for fans of the Ragnarok Online.

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For Beauty collectors

You can create unique design for your character. Because of more than: 1k hats, auras, palettes, and other contents. Customize yourself on wtfRO.

About Server

24/7 Amazing Experience

Since we are using top notch server infrastructures and security, you can enjoy your play without worry of bots, cheaters or unnecessary lags anymore.


Amazing Features

We have introduced the latest mechanics fixes to match the game's official episode, thanks to which you will enjoy the gameplay.
We hate pay2win servers, so all of our features are developed in a free2play manner.

Collectible Headgears

Lots of fashionable balanced items that make you unique. 1000+ and still growing. Costumes without bonuses.

No More Monotonous Features

Players who love various parts of gameplay will fully enjoy the game due to several systems and entertainments.

Missions and Daily Quests

Now you will have something to do every day. Hunt the monsters for cool rewards. MVP Rewards implemented.

PVP and Head to Head Duels

Show off your skills. Fight with an extended duel system. Try our superior and intense PVP Arena now!

Web Ranking

Character Leaderboard. Now everyone knows how good your skills are.
Available large amount of ranks.

And many more

Discover them all: Built-in RCX (simplify effects in-game), unified map for vendors, achievement system with lots of medals.


Made with love for the players.

We paid attention to the little things that will be enjoyable for you. For example, we have implemented content that simplifies the game, but it does not break mechanics.

  • wtfRO Ragnarok Online Say goodbye to lags, because we have a built-in RCX in our client and also a custom packet filtering system.
  • Ragnarok Online Server You will never found anything that will break the game mechanic or give some unfair benefits to players via donations.
  • wtfRO Actively growing and friendly community, both in-game and also in Forum.

Download Links

What are you waiting for? Download the wtfRO client now. (We recommend the Full version)
We provide different options of hosting for you to download below:

Download Game from Google Drive. Size 2GB
Download Game from MEGA. Size 2GB
Download Game via FEX. Size 2GB
Download Game from Website. Size 2GB
Download Lite Game client from Google Drive (data.grf required).
Download Lite Game client from MEGA (data.grf required).
Download Lite Game client via FEX (data.grf required).
Download Lite Game client from Mail Cloud (data.grf required).